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Leon says: Nelson only cares for the most trivi­al little things, such as to have work­ing brakes or to not starve on the way. He’s threatened my life far more often that he saved it, and since I’m still alive I fig­ure he’s some­what trust­worthy.

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Jorge says: The cul­prit of all this utter non­sense, the per­son who can dwell in the same pro­por­tion (and, what is worse, in the same length!) on the amount of food he is able to eat and the amount of women he would love to see, the epi­tome of crazy adven­ture, the supreme bare­foot wan­der­er, the seeker of rest­less activ­ity… Do you real­ize, dear read­er, who is the one in charge of this web page?

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Nelson says: Leon is an utterly care­less per­son. If there’s any­thing you find import­ant, he’ll find absurd to worry about it to a point of a ter­rible murder desire. An effi­cient German, at least when sur­roun­ded by Spaniards, he com­pensates his annoy­ance with his nav­ig­a­tion skills and a nasty sense of humour.

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Jorge says: A per­son who likes spa­ghetti ice creams, and who even jus­ti­fies this aber­ra­tion when ques­tioned! I cer­tainly have noth­ing else to add, every sens­ible being ought to see what does not deserve to be said. However, for the sake of nuance and the inno­cence pre­sump­tion (after all, we are friends), we have to admit that he is the real brain behind the bike trip, the per­son with the mil­len­ari­an maps of Europe and the nav­ig­a­tion prowess, the cal­li­graphy maes­tro and the ink and wax seals pro­du­cer, le grand con­nois­seur… and the one who still likes spa­ghetti ice creams.

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Nelson says: Jorge is a true old-times friend. He who was there with me when I claimed my first bike trip non­sense, now joins with a worse cyc­ling back­ground than I had, but he tor­men­ted me to no end about his enlist­ment. Now it’s all about pros and cons. A very well-edu­cated human­ist to guide, a very good friend to travel with, and an undoubtely strong will; but a tour­ist of the worst kind.

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Leon says: I don’t know Jorge very well yet. Well, last time I went on a two-months bike trip that was with a guy with whom I’ve spent five days and exchanged a few post­cards. Jorge is a pro­foundly edu­cated and know­ledge­able guy, which may com­plic­ate my job as a nav­ig­at­or: He might come up with own ideas which places to vis­it and relent­lessly enforce them.

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This blog saw its birth for sev­er­al reas­ons. Leon just under­went too many voices push­ing him to have one where he could write his saunters. Nelson is the guy from the future who dreamt of a digit­al pro­ject. Jorge simply wanted to write some­thing new. Plus some oth­er inputs, we finally came up with this out­put.

Last trip, when just super­fi­cially updat­ing our social media about our adven­tures, a friend just men­tioned that we should have a blog to keep up with the anec­dotes. Leon just com­plained that such a pro­ject would steal the time to have some­thing to write about. After a year of pre­par­a­tions and more inputs, we accep­ted the chal­lenge.

In the mean time: where are we and what are we doing now?

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