Letter to the UK

To the sub­jects of the Queen Elizabeth Battenberg-Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, in light of your con­tinu­ing fail­ure to choose wheth­er or not to creep away from the EU, we hereby give notice of the revoc­a­tion of your inde­pend­ence, effect­ive today. The Dogger Bank shall be rebuilt in order to end your island status and con­tin­ent­al­ise Britain […]

Ascent and Fuga

High atop Genova there is a grand statue of the vir­gin Mary, nigh as tall as the Christ of Świebodzin, loom­ing over the faraway sea … nearly as high we had to climb to our Genovese couch­surfer, but, all of a sud­den, without any effort: we are still sus­pi­cious wheth­er it’s just been some­thing we’ve […]