Size Matters

An American welcoming

Yeah, that’s one thing I learnt in the States. Let’s get through its first week’s les­sons. The pass­port con­trols were noth­ing spe­cial. I mean, I was checked like, one time in Warsaw, three times in Zurich, and noth­ing less than 6 times in Los Angeles (fur­ther on, LA). But all of them were routine. First […]

A region I disregard

Ligurian roads systematically closed

Ok, let me just com­plain for once. Complaining is healthy. Studies says that your little toe hurts less when you smash it if shout­ing curses out loud, so com­plain­ing should have a sim­il­ar effect. I did not enjoy Liguria. Let’s start with the nice side. A coast­line of cliffs along that Mediterranean Sea we all […]

Smuggling into Absinthe-land

Sunset in Tramelan, smuggling into absinthe-land

And in just one inno­cent, harm­less, typ­ic­al day, we just broke our high peak record: that of the Brocken, at 1142m, was sur­passed by a wild and secluded moun­tain pass, that of the con­tra­band­ists, up to 1246m; we could have prob­ably been a metre high­er, but the quick­­sand-mud bur­ied our wheels for long. But no […]