Travels in pictures – part II

Half a year after depart­ing towards Rome, long since hav­ing returned back home, I got my first wee etch­ing press. Starting from scratch, what bet­ter way to learn intaglio print­mak­ing than to pro­cess the pre­vi­ous trip draw­ings? Their tech­nic­al and styl­ist­ic vari­ety was such that I’d have to try the entire spec­trum of etch­ing techniques.

A region I disregard

Ligurian roads systematically closed

Ok, let me just com­plain for once. Complaining is healthy. Studies says that your little toe hurts less when you smash it if shout­ing curses out loud, so com­plain­ing should have a sim­il­ar effect. I did not enjoy Liguria. Let’s start with the nice side. A coast­line of cliffs along that Mediterranean Sea we all […]

Ascent and Fuga

High atop Genova there is a grand statue of the vir­gin Mary, nigh as tall as the Christ of Świebodzin, loom­ing over the faraway sea … nearly as high we had to climb to our Genovese couch­surfer, but, all of a sud­den, without any effort: we are still sus­pi­cious wheth­er it’s just been some­thing we’ve […]