Jorge Guijarro Ordoñez

Jorge Guijarro Ordoñez, the newbie. The tourist and humanist of the team.

Jorge Guijarro Ordoñez, the new­bie. The tour­ist and human­ist of the team.

Jorge Guijarro Ordoñez.
Nelson says: Jorge is an old-times friend. He has a worse cyl­ing back­ground I had on my first trip, but he tor­men­ted me to no end about his enlist­ment: a proof of his strong will to suc­ceed here. Now it’s all about pros and cons. A very well edu­cated human­ist to guide, but a tour­ist of the worst kind.
Leon says: I don’t know Jorge very well yet. Well, last time I went on a two-months bike trip that was with a guy with whom I’ve spent five days and exchanged a few post­cards. Jorge is a pro­foundly edu­cated and know­ledge­able guy, which may com­plic­ate my job as a nav­ig­at­or: He might come up with own ideas which places to vis­it.