Leon Friederichs

Leon Friederichs, the ancient. Not a man from this century.

Leon Friederichs, the ancient. Not a man from this cen­tury.

Leon Friederichs.
Nelson says: Leon is an utterly care­less per­son. If there’s any­thing you find import­ant, he’ll find absurd to worry about it to a point of a ter­rible murder desire. An effi­cient German, at least when sur­roun­ded by Spaniards, he com­pensates his annoy­ance with nav­ig­a­tions and a nasty sense of humour.
Jorge says: A per­son who likes spa­ghetti ice creams (and who even jus­ti­fies this aber­ra­tion when ques­tioned!). I cer­tainly have noth­ing else to add, every sens­ible being ought to see what-does-not-deserve-to-be-said. However, for the sake of nuance and the inno­cence pre­sump­tion (after all, we are friends ;)), we have to admit that he is the real brain behind the bike trip, the per­son who pos­sesses almost mil­len­ary maps of Europe and knows how to plan routes and how to ori­ent him­self, the one who taught us cal­li­graphy and pro­duces his own ink and wax seals, le grand con­nais­seur… and the one who still likes spa­ghetti ice creams.